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Yesterday, I've just written my future plan until die to make my dizzy life sure. It seemed I can follow the plan and get my wish by means of much time(about 20~30 years).

Because we naturally expected that our average of life span can be over 80 years old in Japan. However in contrast, at Afghanistan, the average of life span is under 40 years old. If I rewrite my future plan on the following the Afghanistan's average, the plan must be completely changed.

In my opinion, I'll probably travel for plenty of countries during whole of my life, except getting marriage. What should you do now? Do you have to stabilize your life yet?


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2011/06/30 13:38

In my opinion,we are supposed to be completely free eternally.
But it depends on each person's decision whether can be achieved or not.  

nob | [ edit ]

2011/06/30 15:40

I have to apologize to you, if I'm misunderstanding the word "free" that you said.

I think, although we're basically standing at freedom and having a many decisions, whole of choice on our life might make some relationships with others.

Most of relationships make you some social waves that you have to follow compulsorily. In other words, we can decide everything but sometimes we have to consider and care another things. This situation makes me feel unfree. Don't you feel so?

It's no time to make radical home.


fifi | [ edit ]

2011/07/01 20:20

Yeah,I know.
But after all,anything can't disturb your determination.
If only you wouldn't mind your relationship at all, and completely independent.Although in the other words,you will become completely alone.

I want to remain my own sense of values for all of my life.

Based on your opinion,the older you are ,the more unfree you are.
Is that true ?

And,you can submit in only english sentence with insert "space "in Japanese format.

Huh, It's hard to describe my own opinion in English.



nob | [ edit ]

2011/07/01 21:57

I roughly understood your saying and totally agree with you.

Of course some of communications or relationships often support us and whether it's free or not, we basically don't want to feel alone.

... So, that's why we have to make a time to drink earlier!!

And I heard you started to join a creative studio in which Mr.Okkamu and your friends are working. I think it must be good relationship to aid you, also if I got a creative connection or international friends, I intend to let you know.            

I'm really looking forward to drink with you after whole of exams.

Sincerely, Mr. Nobu.

fifi | [ edit ]




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